3-Shelf First Aid Commercial Kit

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The ideal cabinet for small businesses, shipping and receiving departments or other remote locations of your facility. Convenient door pouches and a wide assortment of product will give you confidence in your ability to handle emergencies. Ideal for small to medium industrial work settings.

Cabinet size:  15.75 inches wide x 16.75 inches high x 5.625 inches deep

OSHA refers to the ANSI standard as an example of minimal contents for first aid kits."Meets ANSI Z308.1" indicates the kits that meet or exceed the ANSI standard. 

Each cabinet contains high quality products to care for the following:
ƒ?› Minor cuts and scrapes
ƒ?› Eye irritations
ƒ?› Personal discomfort
ƒ?› Thermal and chemical burns
ƒ?› Sprains, strains and bruises
ƒ?› Trauma

Please call for customized cabinet requirements, your company logo to be added or other questions.

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