Clinical Classicƒ?› Stethoscope

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This quality stethoscope features an ergonomically designed single-sided zinc chestpiece. The Clinical Classicƒ?› Stethoscope enables medical professionals like you to comfortably hold and manipulate the chestpiece during auscultation of heart, lung and abdominal sounds. The Clinical Classicƒ?› incorporates a snap-on fiberglass diaphragm with excellent frequency range response for a broad change of higher-level diagnostics. Why pay up to $50 more for stethoscopes that have this look?

Free ID Tag Included with the Clinical Classic Stethoscope.

With 3 colors to choose from (Black, Burgundy or Navy Blue) our Classic Stethoscope helps make it easy to find your stethoscope and the ID tag will keep it with you!

Gift Givers Alert! This Stethoscope Makes an Ideal Gift for a Graduate or Young Professional.  Please allow 1 week before stethoscope ships.

Accessories Included: Two sizes of soft eartips, replacement diaphragm, bell and diaphragm assembly
Overall Length: Approximately. 27"*
Weight: Approximately. 7.0 oz*
Warranty: Lifetime with Free Lifetime Replacement Parts
Ideal For: Cardiologists, Respiratory Specialists, General Practitioners, Internists, ER, Medical Students,Nursing students, Paramedics

*Due to the handmade craftsmanship and material attributes, actual specifications may vary.

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