Instant Hand Sanitizer - 0.9gm pouch - 144/box

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Kills 99.99% of germs in 15 seconds without the use of soap and water. Our formula evaporates completely with no rinsing required. A.B.H.C.™ Instant Hand Sanitizer contains aloe vera to add moisture with each use, thus encouraging frequent hand-washing to aid in reducing the risk of cross-contamination. A.B.H.C.™ Instant Hand Sanitizer is also available in convenient pump dispensers, single use pouches and flip top dispenser bottles.

Safetec'shand sanitizer helps you meet OSHA, APIC and CDC hand washing recommendations in the absence of soap and water. A.B.H.C.™ Instant Hand Sanitizer has demonstrated virucidal activity against HIV-1 and Avian Flu A in 15 seconds.* Also available in cases - (10 boxes/case).

*Results of in vitro time kill test studies

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