OSHA/ANSI Office First Aid Kit Class A Plastic Case

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OSHA and ANSI Office First Aid Kit Class A is the new standard for employee health and safety. First id kits are not optional for any business or facility. Now required for indoor environments where the risk of contain injuries is low.  When someone is hurt in an office or business setting these first aid kit supplies could be critical in an emergency and provide a higher level of comfort to the employee, guest or customer.

Class A kits now require advanced items such as a CPR shield, medical exam gloves, burn pads and antiseptic products that reduce the possibility of infection. 

It is used in small offices, vehicles and shops. At a minimum 1 kit should be placed on every floor an in easy walking distance in large spaces. (Consult your Local, State and Federal guidelines for the specifics in your area and industry)  

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