Split Front Style ICS Vest with reflective striping & Front/Back Title

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This is a deluxe Incident Command System (ICS) Vest Split Front Vest with Titles imprinted on front and back of the vest. The front panels are splint but have the full position printed on each half of the panel.

Split Front Vest style Vests 20" wide by 26" long with adjustable side release buckles. Titles are printed on both sides of the vest; many options are available to further customize for your needs including: radio holsters, pencil notepad pockets and even embroidered patches. This vest features heavy-duty mesh material for long lasting wear. Front Velcro closure and side webbing/buckle closure. Size fits from 42 inches to over 76 inches. Available in 16 colors. Includes a Mike/ID loop as a standard item on all vests.

Please note that vests are a customized item. We require 2-3 weeks for production and additional shipping time to get to your location. Non-standard titles may add additional production time. Please call us if you have an upcoming drill or shorter time-line. You may be required to pay for air shipping charges to reach you in time. We make every effort to meet your drill dates, but we need to know this information when you place the order to determine our production backlog.

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