Standard First Aid Trauma Kit

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Designed to provide a complete assortment of emergency first aid supplies for people with novice through first responder skills.

Some first aid kit suppliers feel that people with little or no advanced medical training only need a couple of adhesive bandages in a little plastic box. Even if your training is basic, you may still have to cope with serious injuries before the ambulance arrives! Some people with serious injuries can bleed to death in a minute or less, so we have included a full assortment of first aid products to make sure that you don't run short of critical items in a true first aid emergency. We designed our kit to handle a major injury and up to a dozen smaller injuries. The kit includes all you need for CPR and blood-borne pathogens protection, broken bones, burns and numerous other injuries.

Keep one Standard First Aid Trauma kit for disaster preparedness per 100 people in your company. Bag 18" x 10" x 10"(about 10 lbs.) Comes with label and shoulder strap.

This kit is popular with CERT Groups, neighborhood response, churches, businesses on multiple floors of their buildings and any type of emergency response group. Compare at $250 each.

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