Trans-Ocean Pak First Aid Kit

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For months before we push off for that cruise, we all dream of fair winds and following seas. But the ocean usually has other plans. When planning that ocean cruise, getting the right marine first aid supplies can't be left to the last minute because when things go bad - you may have to trust your life to the boat trauma kit and your first aid skills.

Marine medicine can't be left on the dock. For two decades this the Trans-ocean marine first aid kit has been the first choice of people in a boating emergency. This large yet highly organized kit is designed for voyages where medical help may be weeks away. The kit is built on a system of modules and uses a special medical first aid book called FIRST-AID-BY-THE-NUMBERS that will guide you to provide help fast.

Additionally we have left space inside for additional personal medications or advanced meds recommended by your travel doctor. If you are serious about your trip and care about all on board you want to know you have the best quality BLS gear on board.

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