Water Jel Burn Dressing 2in x 6in -1

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Water-Jel Emergency Burn Dressing
Helps relieve pain immediately upon application by cooling the burn. Water-Jel gel-soaked Burn Dressings are the first response for Burn Injuries. This is a non-woven dressing that contains no active ingredients or drugs and is latex-free as well as non-irritating to mucous membranes with minimal evaporation.

Covers and protects burn injuries; helps preventcontamination without sticking.The ready to use dressing stabilizes the damaged area by being applied immediately to the wound without applying pressure. Leave in place until help arrives. Use of WaterJel dressings makes the removal of burned clothing less painful. Dressings rinse away with water afterwards.

Sterile. Contains melaleuca alternifolia (oil from the tea tree)

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